Federal Criminal Lawyer and Experienced New York Defense Lawyer

As a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer and Federal Crimes Lawyer I've had a lot of experience in the courtroom watching "justice" unfold.  I've watched on the sidelines as innocent people took plea deals on the advice of their NYC Criminal Defense Lawyer, and I've seen others that I thought were 100% guilty go free; all because they had the best Criminal Defense Lawyer.  However, despite it's flaws, I still believe in the integrity of our criminal justice system.  I still believe that justice can be found.  I have faith in passionate people who stay in the law, and I take on that responsibility as a NYC Criminal Lawyer to provide an aggressive and on point defense for my clients.  I went into law and continue to believe that each and every person accused of a crime should have best legal defense in NY possible!

A New York Criminal Lawyer that gets the job done!

As a Federal and State Criminal Defense Attorney  I've seen the inequality of the system from the inside out.  I know what you're up against!  Without a fighter in their corner, most people will end up doing jail time, innocent or not.  As a white collar crimes lawyer in Brooklyn I handled thousands of cases for the prosecution and I know the ins and outs of defending this type of case.  I understand the complexities involved and the effort that the rackets and fraud divisions will put towards your prosecution.  I've been on the other side and that gives me a unique perspective as a white collar crimes lawyer NY and as a federal crimes attorney.

Equal justice under law

I feel it is my duty as an American who believes in the principles of equal justice under law to provide an aggressive, powerful defense, the type of defense that people have come to expect from a New York Criminal Lawyer.  I believe that everyone is entitled to a presumption of innocence, that we have the right to remain silent and not be coerced to self-incriminate, we have the right to our Fourth Amendment rights to due process, and everyone is entitled to a good defense attorney.

Seasoned and compassionate New York City Criminal Lawyer

When you've been accused of a crime, whether it be a felony offense such as drug trafficking or murder or a misdemeanor drug possession, you want your New York Criminal Lawyer to treat your case as if it had happened to a family member.  You want respect and compassion from your New York Defense Attorney, as well as, the type of hard-hitting results that one would expect to see from a New York criminal defense lawyer.

Unmatched experience in the courtroom!

With over ten thousands cases behind him, including high profile clients on national news, Federal Crimes Lawyer, Mike Saint Pre, has the court room experience you need and should expect from a top ranked NYC criminal attorney! 

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